Summer in Roselle Park Exhibit

“Roselle Park in Summer – A Fun Place To Be!”

A group photography exhibit through August, 2014.

This year’s photography exhibit focuses on the delights of Summer in Roselle Park. The 6 photographers whose work hangs in the gallery
captured many different aspects from children enjoying
their summer vacation to the delights of birds and fireworks.

The following residents contributed to this exhibit:

Lynnor Bontigao
Sharon A Curia
Liene T Kilgishova
Liva R Kilgishova
(4 year old daughter of Liene)
Leona M Seufert
Marilyn Tavormina


Leona M Seufert - Peekaboo I'm Not Ready

Leona M Seufert – Peekaboo I’m Not Ready


Lynnor Bontigao – Bubbly


LynnorBontigao – Fireworks In Roselle Park


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