Twisted Tales – Casano Art Gallery Exhibit

Reception September 17, 2014 6:00- 7:30PM
Through Oct 17, 2014

Jacob Ortiz -Humpty Dumpty Eggnapped

Jacob Ortiz -Humpty Dumpty Eggnapped

Lynnor Bontigao has been teaching Basic Art Workshop during the summer seasons to a few Roselle Park neighborhood children since 2012. The idea of the theme “Twisted Tales” came to her after attending a recent conference. For her entry to the art show which had the theme “Down the Shore”, Lynnor took inspiration from NJ beaches and boardwalks but thought, “What if Alice fell into the shore (Wondershore) instead of the rabbit hole leading to Wonderland?” Thus came the idea of combining a known character with a different setting to produce a different scene altogether.

Vanna Mendoza - Alice In Waterland

Vanna Mendoza – Alice In Waterland

She asked her students, “What if you could take a popular story or nursery rhyme and put your own twist to it? How would you draw it?” The ideas that poured from the students’ minds were interesting and very vivid. Not only does it show their artistic abilities but their story-telling skills as well. They each chose one scene and illustrated their own version of the story in a single page.

These talented artists range in age from 6 through 13.


Group photo by Lynnor Bontigao:

From L-R Top row: Lynnor Bontigao, Sofia Ortiz, Grace Vita, Angelina George, Jacob Ortiz, Vanna Mendoza
L-R Bottom Row: Mayson Harms, Julian George, Edward Kennedy, Tristan Pama


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